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Team 'Seafarer's Smock'
10th Sep- 29th Oct 

Congrats! Over 400 people applied to test knit and we have selected you to join us on our first projects. Firstly we wanted to say a massive thank you for applying and agreeing to be part of this test knit, we are so excited and can not wait for you to get started with the patterns and to see these designs grow!

There is a lot to read but please do read the following information carefully,

if you have any questions just drop us an email on 



Nestled in the far south-west of the British mainland, Cornwall is a coastal county steeped in rich heritage, where the ebb and flow of the sea shapes cliffs and lives of those that live there. This Cornish Fishing Smock-inspired knitwear draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of the traditional Cornish fishing smock with its classic features, including two generous pockets and the distinctive silhouette of the fishing smock, this jumper pays homage to the hardworking fisherfolk who have shaped Cornwall's history. The saddle shoulder construction adds a modern touch, enhancing both style and comfort, while the relaxed hem exudes an effortless charm.

Embracing the rich tapestry of Cornwall's textile traditions, the hem showcases intricate pattern work inspired by the iconic Cornish ganseys. These traditional motifs, passed down through generations, weave a tale of the sea, echoing the rhythm of the waves and the seafaring spirit of the region.​

These timeless shaped garments speak to the origins of clothing inspired by the sea. A silhouette to suit anyone and everyone. With each stitch, the SeaFarer's Smock weaves together a tale of tradition, nature, and the enduring allure of Cornwall's coastal treasures.


Seafarer's Smock

Its warm and cozy construction, coupled with the timeless aesthetic, ensures both comfort and style. Whether you're strolling along the shoreline or embracing the cozy comforts of home, this jumper connects you to Cornwall's maritime legacy, allowing you to carry a piece of its seafaring heritage wherever you go. This fusion of traditional coastal motifs creates a harmonious blend, infusing the design with the very essence of Cornwall's coast. After back and forth set up the circular saddle shoulder yoke, knitd from the top down. Two large inset pockets are constructed and finally finished with a relaxed patterned hem, The neck is then picked up to create a fastening collar making even the most windy days cosy. The arms taper after a generous allowance of positive ease of 10-12cm around the top of the arms and shoulders. Like our mindset our patterns don’t box people into specific genders, we simply create sea inspired knitwear that everyone can feel comfortable in. 

If you would like to test knit this pattern please have a look at the size guild below before signing up at the end of this page.

Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

Size Guide

Size 1(2:3:4:5:6:7)

Neck opening: 42(42:45:45:47:47:50)cm

Neck ribbing: 4cm 

Positive ease: 7-14cm

Deepest part of neck shaping at back: 2(2:3:3:3:3:3)cm

Yoke lengths: Front 18(18:18:18:19:19:20)cm 

Yoke lengths Back 22(22:23:23:24:24:25) cm

Chest at widest point: 82(93:105:120;132:142:150) cm

Arms at widest point: 30(34:37:41:43½:45½:46½) cm 

Arm pit to end of ribbing: 48(49:49:50:50:52:52)cm 

Neck to end of ribbing: 

(front) 56(58:60:64:66:68:70)cm, 

(back) 58(60:62:68:71:73:75)cm. 

Narrowest part of sleeve at wrist before ribbing: 18(21:24:25:26:27:28) cm

So lets get started!

Fill out the form below and you will receive your pattern, link to join your fellow test knitters on Slack and a discount code for any of our yarns! 


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