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Team Sea Shanty Sweaters


Right, lets get you set up! 

Click the download your selected pattern.

Please only download one pattern.

The next button will link you to SLACK, this is the platform all the other knitters in your team will be in. If you don't have a slack account you will need to create one. You will be in the #sea-shanty-sweaters. We will also be in the group and this will be the best way to ask questions and get updates. By being part of this group you promise to respect one another, if any unwanted behaviour accrues you will be deleted from the group and terminated from the test knit. 

Last but not least! Discount! You do not have to use my yarn for your test knit but as an extra thank you here is a discount code for 25% off any of our yarns.

Please use the code: TestKnitShanty

Valid until 1st Sep 2023.

This code is for your use only so please do not share it and please use the email address you applied to test knit with. 

Happy Knitting!

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