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Just down the road from us in Porthleven Steve’s flock graze overlooking the South Cornish sea. We wanted to expand our range of undyed natural colours from black through to white and this is where Steve’s pure Lleyns come in. Steve has farmed sheep for the past 10 years and cares for them just as much as we do our own sheepies. Each British breeds fibre boasts is own unique character which lends its self for different uses. Llyen is a light and airy yarn with big “sqidge factor”; carrying a more rustic character- a hat or jumper made of this fibre would last lifetimes.


100% Britsh Lleyn

Woollen Spun in Cornwall 

Approx 100g 

4Ply- 350m/382 Yards




Light House By The Sea - British Lleyn


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